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Yes! Do things that make your soul shine.

Things that you want to do and not what people want you to do. Ofcourse, they have to be things that make you happy and are not self destructive.

But almost every person around the globe faces challanges doing the things we love. Whether it’s a hobby or simply obeying to one’s religion and beliefs.

And why is that?

It’s because of our deteriorated self confidence. We let ourselves become victims of inferiority complex on the tiniest things and mistakes.

Society will always pressure you into being this or that. We are brainwashed daily into believing it. Each one has his or her opinion. That’s okay. Deep down in your heart, you know who you are. Don’t let people pressure you into becoming something you are not.

-Mufti Ismail Menk

So go out there and rock yourselves out. You don’t have to be an eyecandy for others. You don’t have to be that ‘stereotyped examplery child’ for the society. You can only become examplery when you embrace yourself and work hard to making yourself a positive individual. You will find your amazing innerself. Afterall, every cloud has a silver linning.


It is the only bridge between you and your achievements. Love what you do and do what you love.


False Ego? Your worst enemy!

Urban dictionary defines false ego as the idea and concept we create about ourselves in the course of our lives, which typically excludes any qualities we don’t wish to accept about ourselves.

It’s our worst enemy because it doesn’t allow an individual to look at the truth about themselves while others may see it. It just makes a person look nothing less than stupid.

For someone that wants to improve themselves or their lives need to let go of this false ego. Plant their two feet back on the ground and learn to see and accept the truth.

My rising

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This quote here is to remind you to not give up on yourself and to let you know that hitting rock bottom is a good sign. It is to let you know that after this there is no falling. Only rising. So don’t underestimate yourself and be stuck there. Get up and surprise yourself with the wonders you hold within. It’s time to release those.


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Let’s begin the journey into ourselves!

Today’s topic focuses on ourselves as unique individuals. We should notice and appreciate to our unique abilities and listen to what our minds have to say to us. We should pay attention to how we react to certain things and do assessments.

Do not just succumb to others criticism and let yourselves get hurt. But do self assessment and work on things you generally feel you are doing wrong and feel greatful for what you are doing right.

A mentor of mine once told me, ‘No one is perfect. But the journey to perfection exists and we must go through it’. So embark on the journey to fix your mishaps and appreciate your right doings. This is one of the many ways you show yourself love.

What brings happiness?

Acceptance. Accepting your good and your bad, both are equally important in order for someone to achieve happiness in their lives. It opens doors for more opportunities and therefore leads towards achievements and necessary changes in life in order to be happy.

Self worth

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It’s a sense of one’s value as a person. You show your value by the type of things you engage in and kind of people you keep in your circle.

In order for you to exhibit a high self worth you need to focus on yourself first. Face all the things that cause you to have low self esteem and work on it to increase your esteem.

Change your circle of people if they cause you to feel little about yourself. Or even if they themselves have a low self esteem because the kind of environment you live in will affect you alot.

Change your mentality and approach to certain things in life. Be more open minded and think from different perspectives before you draw a conclusion.

All in all be a positive individual and accept your mistakes without criticising yourself. Protect your soul from harsh things. Cherish and love it. You will see a tremendous increase in your confidence level and eventually have a high self esteem.