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How to establish a healthy daily routine

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Setting a healthy routine can be a challenge because habits are what makes up a routine. Wether they are good or bad and that is what determines the type of our routine. So to have a better routine, we have to change some of our poor habits, which infact can be quite challenging.

BUT! Do not get discouraged because I am going to share 3 simple and effective ways to help you make a better routine.

1. Identify and acknowledge your poor habits.

It’s important to find out the root causes for our bad behaviours in order to get rid of them. Sometimes there can be certain events, typically bad ones that influence bad behaviour in people. We choose to behave in such ways to fight off the sufferings. We choose them as “coping mechanisms”. That is why we need to recognise and accept our feelings and not fear vulnerability. We should look for healing without shame and fear and manifest healthy ways as coping mechanisms.

2. Making the right choices.

The choice is up to you. Beliefs and morals that you agree with will influence the kind of “right choices” you make. It’s okay if we make mistakes. Its only natural for humans to make mistakes because we aren’t perfect. But to recognise them and look for positive alternatives to manifest the right choices that lead to the development of a healthier routine.

3. Practise and patience

Practise and patience are two key elements in exhibiting any kind of skill/habit. For example you decide to meditate and eat healthy so you can fight off your anxiety. But you only do it when you feel like it. That mindset is never going to work out for you. Practising those healthy habits on a daily basis can help become a part of your daily routine.

Patience is like pillars to a high roof. Without patience your will to practise will wear off. Being impatient with ourselves will only relinquish our efforts for a better result. Just like the saying goes that patience is a virtue, we must learn to be steadfast and forgiving with ourselves. As a result we become more motivated to achieve our goals.


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